Taylor, Cole and Brody Florence, born 3.5 months prematurely and then subsequently diagnosed
with Cerebral Palsy.

Overwhelmed and shocked by the diagnosis, but at once motivated by love the decision to turn this potentially devastating situation into one of hope and empowerment was made. This is how Three to Be was born.

Three to Be learned early on that in order to affect the life of a child in the most significant way possible, efforts must focus on the whole child. Our children need advocates. They need us to be their voice and create a society that puts them first. In a few short years, we have helped hundreds. In a few more, we will help thousands.

Today, we continue our commitments to groundbreaking research, while we aggressively work to grow PAL.


Three to Be inspires me and gives me hope for the future and what I need today. The online PAL community, which has become my second family reminds me I’m no longer alone on this journey. A PAL Assist grant we received allowed us to pay for music therapy, a luxury in our home, that brings Katherine so much joy and it also said, we see you and we want to help.