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Jordan Runstedler was born prematurely at 24 weeks and endured a 5 month battle in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Jordan was a miracle child for his mom and dad – Cheryl and Joe. He was the light of their lives and they will forever cherish the cuddles and memories that they shared together.

Sadly, Jordan passed away peacefully in September 2015.

Jordan’s strength and determination in life was awe-inspiring to everyone he met. His smile would light up his face and brighten anyone’s day. Jordan loved swimming, sensory light displays, music, Treehouse cartoons and his PediaSure chocolate milk.

Our friends at Howie, Sacks and Henry LLP came to know the Runstedler family in 2014 when they presented Cheryl with a Hero Award in the category of Champion for Jordan at our Stems of Hope Gala.  When they heard the news that he had passed away, they graciously established a Memorial Fund to honour his incredible memory and the family fun that the Runstedler’s cherish with Jordan.

Three to Be is touched to be able to bring this amazing memorial fund to our community. It is Cheryl and Joe’s desire to give families a chance to have the kind of fun they so loved with Jordan but they understand how difficult it can be to make the time for it, let alone afford the costs. Through the Jordan Runstedler Memorial Fund we will make available a limited number of packages for families to spend a weekend away together.

In 2016, grants were given to 5 families for a weekend away together at Great Wolf Lodge. With your support, more families will have the opportunity to take time away together from everyday life in a way many of us unknowingly take for granted.

“We are so grateful to Cheryl and Joe Runstedler, Three to Be and the donors that allowed us to get away as a family to just ‘have fun’ in Jordan’s honour. We had the best weekend and will cherish our memories forever. This fund is incredible and meant the world to us!”

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