Three to Be envisions infinite possibilities by working to create programs and supports families are looking for that aren’t available elsewhere.

Summer camp is an unparalleled experience for children as they make new friends, embark on new adventures and make memories that last a lifetime.  However, this camp experience is out of reach for so many children with disabilities.

The financial burden of accommodating their special needs (ranging from specialized staff and one-on-one staff to therapy interventions and various forms of equipment) outweighs the tremendous impact that camp has on their lives.

In 2016, we were able to send 11 children to camp. This is with many thanks to the generosity of our donors.
Our goal in 2017 is to double that number. 


“I am so thankful to the donors of Three to Be. It is because of their kindness and generosity that children like Orlando can have the opportunity to better themselves and discover that they indeed can learn to move their bodies if given support.

The summer camp at Conductive Education was an amazing experience for my son because it made him feel included and that he belonged. Too often, our kids feel like outsiders because they are not like the other kids so it is very heartwarming to see my child have so much fun in a loving and inclusive environment.”

“Rhys can’t speak, but every day as we arrived at the camp he would clap his hands in excitement knowing where he was going.

I would not have been able to afford to send Rhys to camp this summer if not for your generous donations.

If you look at the picture, you will see Rhys looking at a cute little girl. Dalia and Rhys were born a couple of days apart and met in the NICU at Mt. Sinai. They were reunited at camp 6 years later! What a joy to see her grown up.

The impact of your donation goes far and wide and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Three to Be and the wonderful donors, Thank you!
 Julia had her best summer yet, all thanks to you!.

When Amanda called to say we had been selected to receive the scholarship, I was in tears. We had just returned from a neurology appointment where we found out that our daughter Julia had another significant stroke. Her call was uplifting and incredibly hopeful. Knowing that Julia would have a wonderful summer ahead of her truly was a gift.

If we look back on the summer, you would see a very happy little girl who was able to attend Conductive Education for five weeks. After the first two weeks, it was clear the significant gains Julia was making socially and physically.  She was supporting her body with greater ease and she was eating! An amazing sight for us to see! She smiled each morning when we said it was time to get ready to go to camp just like her brother and sister.”

“I want to sincerely thank THREE TO BE and the donors for giving our son the opportunity to attend the summer camp program at Conductive Education. This experience has had a huge impact on our family.

My five-year-old son William, who has cerebral palsy, had tendon lengthening surgery this past June. The post-operative protocol involved intensive strengthing and stretching exercises and it was recommended that William attend physiotherapy 4 to 5 times per week.

Thanks to the generosity of THREE TO BE and the donors, we were able to send William for a total of 4 weeks to the summer camp program at Conductive Education. As a result of both the surgery and aftercare, William has begun to stand independently and to take independent steps. This is a huge accomplishment for him!”

“Thank you to all those who supported the camp scholarship!

This past summer was the most wonderful summer for Matthew, both social and developmentally. Matthew had the opportunity to have a typical summer camp experience. He attended a camp that recognized that each child despite their various abilities had the right to be loved, challenged and encouraged.  He had one-on-one support the entire summer which gave us peace of mind and him the ability to try new things. Every morning, I drove him to camp and had him scream in delight as we would turn onto the street where his camp was located.

We are so grateful to have been given this amazing gift and want you to know that these experiences really change children. Matthew became physically stronger, more independent and more motivated to communicate his desires. I truly feel blessed that we received this opportunity and pray that others get this chance in the future because the camp experience has such intangible and important values. Every child deserves the chance to play, laugh and have fun during the summer.”

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