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May 27, 2017

Join us on Saturday May 27 from 10AM to 2PM at Forest Hill Public School (78 Dunloe Road), Toronto M5P 2T6.

Since 2011, Three to Be has been Running, Walking, Wheeling and Rolling every May in celebration of the most incredible people we know – children with neurological disorders and their families! Our goal with RWWR is to give EVERYONE the opportunity to participate in whatever way suits their abilities and making this day about the people Three to Be serves and those that support us.

RWWR is fun for the whole family!

  • Impactive Challenge – encouraging physical activity for ALL abilities with a goal to raise awareness and funds
  • 1K (run, walk, wheel or roll!)
  • 100m dash for kids of ALL abilities
  • DJ and live entertainment
  • Amazing food and prizes
  • PAL Playzone – a fun and interactive space just for kids!

In five years, we have raised $195,000 to support children with neurological disorders. We love to help our families get active and Run, Walk, Wheel and Roll does just that! This event is a day to celebrate our incredible families and raise funds to put back in their hands for their here and now needs.


OF OUR $50,000 GOAL

This year, let’s kickstart RWWR by making an impact while getting active!

To participate in the IMPACTIVE challenge, you simply make a commitment to being active in whatever way suits your abilities and in turn, supporting Three to Be.

RWWR is one day dedicated to people of ALL abilities getting active together. The IMPACTIVE challenge is a way to promote healthy, active lifestyles for ALL, while raising awareness of the support Three to Be gives to children living with brain disorders and their families.

View the pledge form for steps to get you started on your IMPACTIVE challenge!

Become a Sponsor

We are incredibly grateful to the socially-minded organizations who join RWWR as one of several sponsorship opportunities. Your contribution gives directly to the here and now needs of Three to Be’s PAL families.

Click the sponsor us button below to contact Amanda Jodoin about becoming a sponsor! View sponsorship opportunities: here

Become an Exhibitor

An opportunity to profile your products and services while supporting a great cause! Exhibitors are invited to set up at RWWR and offer samples of their products or share information about their services.

Click the sign up button below to contact
Amanda Jodoin to become an exhibitor!

Thank you to our Run, Walk, Wheel and Roll (RWWR) Sponsors

Read more about RWWR 2016

In 2016, Run, Walk, Wheel and Roll raised $45,000 for children with neurological disorders and their families. The proceeds from RWWR provide direct support to families’ here and now needs through Three to Be’s PAL community and funding.

Families, volunteers and sponsors gathered at Forest Hill Jr. School to share in a day of activity, fun and entertainment for ALL abilities. It is with many thanks to the generous support of the volunteers, sponsors and participants who make this fundraiser a great success!


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