PAL truly is my lifeline. I’ve been part of the community for about four years and have been on the parent
advisory committee for nearly two years. PAL is my go to whenever I have a question, concern, information to share
or something to celebrate. We don’t all know each other, but we understand each other and support each other. There is
no other group like it. I’ve met some incredible people who I now include among my closest friends – all thanks to PAL.


Three to Be understands that in order to reach their full potential and future success, children with neurological disorders need the strongest possible support system and advocates in their corner. This begins with their parents and families.

Through Facebook and email, PAL provides over a thousand families with resources and tools that enable them to be the strongest voice and champion for their children living with neurological disorders. We aim to make all aspects of special needs parenting better, easier and supported. In addition, we have connected with thousands of families through face-to-face mentorship, education and conferences, group activities and much more – we are always searching for new opportunities to build relationships and offer supports to our PAL families.

Our goal is to ensure parents thrive. With Three to Be, it’s no longer just about surviving each obstacle on behalf of the children. PAL is designed with all challenges in mind.

Three to Be learned early on that in order to affect the life of a child in the most significant way possible, efforts must focus on the whole child. Investing in research and therapies is just the beginning. Providing meaningful support and education to parents and families improves the course of their lives.

Our children need advocates. They need us to be their voice and create a society that puts them first. In a few short years, we helped hundreds. In a few more, we will help thousands.

If you are a parent, caregiver or someone who works with children with neurological disorders, we warmly welcome you to our PAL Facebook Community. This closed space is one where you can share your struggles, successes, concerns, hope and experiences with hundreds of others just like you.

 PAL Facebook Communities


From the moment they receive their child’s diagnosis, parents and families experience and range of emotions – from fear and desperation to hope and deep love. This is one very significant commonality shared by families facing a future starkly different than they anticipated.

Through our PAL community for parents and families we aim to make all aspects of special needs parenting better, easier and supported.


We have created a place where we hope PAL parents and professionals can post ideas, questions, suggestions and stories in an effort to truly engage one another in helping children with special needs.

This forum is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Information about resources or programs does not signify endorsement by Three to Be or PAL. Always consult your doctor.

PLEASE NOTE: new members will be contacted by private message to answer a few questions before being approved to join the group. Please ensure you check for a message from Brenda Agnew or Amanda Jodoin. We must receive a response in order to process your request.

Responding directly to the here and now needs of our families, as well as enhancing the
degree to 
which they are nurtured and supported within our PAL community.

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