Three to Be is inspired by …

The beginning of Three to Be was inspired by Taylor, Cole and Brody Florence – triplets born 3.5 months prematurely and all later diagnosed with severe Cerebral Palsy.

Their mom Dana – an impassioned and motivated woman – began Three to Be with the goal of putting public support and attention on neurological disorders as a whole.  Her belief that a discovery in one area could lead to advancements in many began our efforts to create change.

Today, we are the only organization that focuses broadly on children with all neurological disorders and their families. We continue our commitments to groundbreaking research, while we work to grow our direct family support through PAL.



Three to Be inspires me and gives me hope for the future and what I need today. The online PAL community, which has become my second family reminds me I’m no longer alone on this journey. A PAL Assist grant we received allowed us to pay for music therapy, a luxury in our home, that brings Katherine so much joy and it also said, we see you and we want to help.