Our initiatives

1 in 6 children in Canada live with a neurological disorder.
They are your children, your friends’ children, your children’s friends.


Three to Be has committed more than
$3 million in support of:



Innovative research, cutting-edge therapies and treatments for children with support to researchers, scientists and clinicians leading the work.


Through PAL, Three to Be connects over 1,050+ families with our community that educates, informs and empowers.


We collaborate with industry leaders locally and around the globe to support and promote programs, conferences and facilities.


We provide resources, information 
and meaningful support to help parents become the greatest advocates for their 

They Need Us

Disorders and diseases of the brain represent one of the largest unmet needs in Canada and amongst those, childhood neurological disorders are perhaps the most neglected.  This is particularly surprising since this group of disorders, ranging from Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy to Autism, affects the most vulnerable individuals in our society – our children.

Three to Be is the only non-government funded, Canadian organization investing in innovative research and funding opportunities for the broad spectrum of childhood neurological disorders.

Together, We Can

In order to realize our vision of infinite possibilities for all children with neurological disorders, we have focused our efforts on breaking down the silos and working in collaboration to the greatest extent possible. We are committed to filling the gap, not recreating the wheel or duplicating efforts. We have built strong, allied partnerships with organizations such as Easter Seals, Holland Bloorview, Ontario Brain Institute, Brain Canada, NeuroDevNet, March of Dimes, CPNet and more.

Our goal is to blur the line between “can” and “can’t” so no child feels left behind ever again.