Thank you

Your support means so much to us




We know you think carefully about the money you donate. That is why we are so grateful each one of you chose to support Three to Be. Thank you for believing in us and giving our families so much for for the future.

Howie, Sacks and Henry LLP have worked closely with THREE TO BE since 2013 to bring meaningful and relevant supports to the children and families we serve.  We share a common vision which is to help our PAL parents, families and children access the world around them with fewer limits and in a way that matters to them.  From their support of our CONNECT and Run, Walk, Wheel and Roll events to their support of our PAL Assist programs and the Jordan Runstedler Memorial Fund, Howie, Sacks & Henry has been a true champion of THREE TO BE.  Their leadership and compassion has been transformational as we grow and we are so grateful for all that they do.
We have been tremendously fortunate to have a corporate partner like Scotiabank on our side since 2012 when we became a registered charity.  They saw something in us and believed in our vision for THREE TO BE.  A leading sponsor for 3 years of the Stems of Hope gala, the Red Carpet sponsor of our CONNECT dinner and the founding donor for our PAL Pathway Kits that support families receiving a new diagnosis, Scotiabank has been a real changemaker.  They understand that there is value in the human connection and that when we invest in making that stronger, the possibilities are endless.
For many years, Carlo Fidani and the Orlando Corporation have made inspired contributions to the research commitments of THREE TO BE.  Specifically, through the groundbreaking stem cell research in the labs of Drs. Freda Miller, Cindi Morshead and Don Mabbott which led to important discoveries that are now reflected in a nation-wide, multi-year initiative named CHILD-BRIGHT.  With the continued leadership support of the FDC Foundation, THREE TO BE has committed to $1.25million over 5 years and is proud to work in partnership with Mr. Fidani and his team at the Foundation to realize greater breakthroughs for children with brain disorders.