Kindness Counts

I was recently having a conversation about how often, in the daily course of raising a disabled child, I encounter people, behaviours or situations that make me shake my head. It is tough out there and it can become extremely disheartening. Constant stares, whispers,...

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Same Things. Different Way.

I am not going to lie. When I pictured what my own family would be like once I was married and started to have kids, this is not what I had in mind. When our first son Chase was 16 months old, we found out we were expecting twins. A few months later the doctor...

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The Power of PAL

Parenting a child with a neurological disorder can be lonely, worrisome and isolating. From the moment your child receives a diagnosis, life instantly changes in ways you can’t even begin to comprehend. Your world is filled with appointments, meetings, researching,...

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New Year, New Hope

THREE TO BE is embracing 2017 with a fresh outlook and ambitious goals! As all inspired organizations do, we took time to reflect on the challenges, successes and lessons of the past few years and have used those experiences to guide our plan for the year in front of...

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