about us

THREE TO BE’s mission is to support and advance the development of innovative research, therapies and education for children with neurological disorders and their families.

What THREE TO BE does has never been done before.  There is a community of scientists, doctors, parents and donors that are coming together in a most dynamic way, all because of THREE TO BE.  We are making change happen.  What this community knows and continues to learn is propelling us forward.

THREE TO BE envisions infinite possibilities for children with neurological disorders by focusing on the following:

Innovation – we support the pediatric neurological community with grants for cutting edge research, therapies and treatments for children.

Education – we support programs, conferences and facilities that focus on the development of children with disabilities and that give them the greatest opportunity to maximize their potential.

Empowerment – we provide resources, information and meaningful support for parents that help them become the greatest advocates they can be for their families.