THREE TO BE is embracing 2017 with a fresh outlook and ambitious goals!

As all inspired organizations do, we took time to reflect on the challenges, successes and lessons of the past few years and have used those experiences to guide our plan for the year in front of us.   We will be welcoming new opportunities that further harness our commitment to inspiring hope and meeting the immediate needs of the families we serve – all in an effort to provide the best possible support we can to children with neurological disorders.

We are devoted to being a hopeful, stronger and more powerful voice for the families we serve and those we have yet to meet.  The introduction of this new blog is one of many ways we will share these voices with you.  It is so important that we show our thanks for all that you do to support us, and to bring you along on our journey as a member of our family.

Your desire to know more and do more for THREE TO BE means the world to us. We look forward to keeping you connected as we soar to new heights!

From your friends at THREE TO BE!